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The views expressed in research products are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the EAJ.

Negotiating (in)justice: Mapping the dynamics of hybrid order in Lower Shabelle

Lower Shabelle is a crucible for the many trends that have perpetuated state failure and violence in Somalia. Many of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities live in the lush and fertile farmlands along the Shabelle river...

AJAT Somaliland Baseline Report

The EAJ conducted this Baseline study in Somaliland to measure the performance of EAJ interventions; and to inform EAJ Program design and activities. 

AJAT Somalia Baseline Report

The EAJ conducted this Baseline study to measure the performance of EAJ interventions; and to inform EAJ Program design and activities.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Initiatives in Somalia


In Somalia, Alternative Dispute Resolution has been used as a synonym for the historic and cultural Somali customary mediation and justice system known as the xeer. 

Pathways and Institutions for Resolving Land Disputes in Mogadishu

Recent economic development has caused a steep rise in the value of urban real estate in Mogadishu. This is causing further jeopardy on questions of land tenure and ownership. 

The Shari’ah in Somalia

An important source of law, jurisprudence and justice norms in Somalia is Shari’ah law. The Constitutions of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Somaliland and Puntland each elevate Shari’ah as the ultimate source of law and guiding principle of governance and it is practiced as a norm in Somali courts. Courts use a combination of statutory law, Islamic jurisprudence and customary law.

Gender equality and social inclusion analysis Report

In Somalia, norms, institutional structures, economic forces and security imperatives combine in complex and dynamic ways to craft the environment in which women and marginalized groups exist. Understanding these influences is pivotal to designing impactful and safe interventions that will serve broader access to justice goals.


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