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Support Family to Get Justice for their slain 2 family members

In February 2020, Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ) lawyers met with Abdullahi Hassan Hadle and Dahabo Abdullahi Abikar, the parents of a mother and her daughter who were found dead at their home in an IDP camp in Lower Shabelle. “We had been struggling to find justice for our daughter and her offspring. We went everywhere we could to achieve our goal of finding justice for our children. We are very thankful to the EAJ program lawyers who have helped us to re-open the case and we are hopeful that soon the suspects will be tried” said Mr Hadle.

Abdullahi Hassan and her daughter Halima Mohamed Hassan were killed on 19th January 2020 at their home located in the IDP camp near Afgoye town in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

The killers were not immediately identified but two suspects, Abdirahman Jeylani Osman and Mohamed Hassan Sheikh were later arrested in January 2020. The arrests were made after MCA, in collaboration with Somali Women Development Center (SWDC) submitted the case, which had previously gone cold, in court on February 2020. Prior to the arrests, the EAJ legal team had taken the parents to the police station to re-open the case. One of the suspects, who is also an ex-husband to the deceased mother is still in custody, but the other suspect was released by the Criminal Investigation Department of Somalia as motive for the crime could not be established immediately.

The parents are currently appealing for the second suspect to be re-arrested and tried. MCA and SWDC legal teams will continue to support the family until the case is resolved through court.

Internally Displaced People (IDPs) are very vulnerable in Somalia and this case is one of many unsolved atrocities in the country. Expanding Access to Justice is supporting this case to showcase the problem and highlight this general problem. With the success of this case, the IDPs could be encouraged to open their cold cases.




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