EAJ's Approach

Conceptual and Program Approach

The EAJ team has redesigned its conceptual approach to respond to the evolving operational contexts in which it will implement. This involved critically examining the guiding programmatic theory of change (TOC), program approach, high-level objectives, and intermediate results (IRs). We worked to develop a unitary conceptual approach that clearly articulates our development hypothesis and targets for both early recovery and intermediate areas. The program approach operationalizes our TOC in diverse and continuously evolving contexts. We also developed a results framework that encourages (or even demands) integration of all technical components for the achievement of project objectives. EAJ’s previous results framework separated research, capacity development, and legal strengthening into separate objectives. Moving forward, these and other technical inputs will jointly contribute to objectives that clearly describe our vision for a stronger and more accessible plural justice system in Somalia.


Pact in Kenya Office: Riverside Studios Suite #4, along Riverside Lane, Off Riverside drive, Nairobi.                    

Mogadishu Office: DFS compound, MIA, Mogadishu.

Hargeisa Office: Villa 108 of Ambassador Hotel, Airport Road, Hargeisa


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