EAJ's Approach

Case Review and Response Capability

EAJ will implement a Case Review and Response (CRR) Team that bridges mid-to-long-term structural interventions by identifying and addressing broader justice capacity gaps, while also helping to meet the immediate justice needs of individuals.

  • Team Composition: The CRR Team will be led by the EAJ Justice and Legal Support Adviser, and will convene security staff and EAJ personnel with relevant contextual awareness to advise field teams in addressing urgent justice support matters.
  • ReferralMechanisms:Avarietyofchannels,includingEAJpartnerorganizations,EAJ paralegals, and community forums, will refer timely and specific case information to the CRR team. The team will design strategic communications to support community members’ awareness of access to justice gaps and to encourage case referrals.
  • Process: The CRR team will convene on a regular basis to review cases, evaluate case information, and track progress. Upon referral, cases will be triaged. In instances of particular complexity or sensitivity, the CRR team will consult with the EAJ SMT before providing guidance. The CRR will liaise closely with field counterparts to ensure that case information is accurate and verifiable to ensure effective documentation and validation of cases. After ensuring quality control, the CRR team will then provide advisory support.
  • Partnerships: On a case-by-case basis, the CRR team will work with field partners to assess options for client recourse and to advise as to next steps. Concurrently, the CRR will work with international and governmental partners to identify and enlist support where appropriate. In some instances, this may involve fostering linkages with other service providers and possibly connecting a client with medical or psychosocial assistance. In extreme circumstances, the CRR team may elect to transfer a case to a distant court or to relocate an at-risk individual.

The CRR team will be well-placed to support wider research and documentation. It will report observations on individual justice needs and pathways forged, and will produce reports analyzing needs, measures taken to pursue cases, and observations of overall challenges and successes of the intervention. From this, the team will glean actionable recommendations towards supporting the local justice system and its actors, supporting adaptive programming throughout the EAJ Program’s life cycle.


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