Stories and Highlights

Stories and Highlights

Video highlights Justice Call-In Centers

Video highlights Justice Call-In Centers

In Somaliland, EAJ produced a video featuring SWLA’s call Centre, highlighting the success of the call center and the contribution the Centre has made to the expansion of justice in Somaliland, particularly, for victims of gender-based violence and to the disabled.

Kisiwani Continues its Social Media and Video Campaign on Women’s Rights under the Shari’ah

Kisiwani uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to post a range of messages.

Two further research scholarship papers have been finalized

Two further research scholarship papers have been finalized

In its series of research scholarships, EAJ has supported two further research scholars in finalizing their research papers

Supporting Girls with Disabilities

Supporting Girls with Disabilities

EAJ partner SODEN hosted a radio talk show on the difficulties faced by girls with disabilities in Mogadishu.

ADR Land Right TV project

 Watch discussions with the panel on Land Rights in Somalia 

Sareye Radio program

Sareye Radio program on Women right aired by Kisiwani. The main topic is Child protection and child welfare after divorce. How women are denied the right to be a caretaker for their children after Divorce

Ladies of Justice

Meet the ladies of Somaliland Women’s Lawyers Association, who are helping to empower the women and girls of Hargeisa through legal aid.

EAJ-Supported Video Highlighting Clan Discrimination Goes Viral

EAJ’s communications company, M2A, collaborated with an EAJ partner organization, 

SCAG - TV Drama Episode 7

Qeybta 7aad Musalsalka baahinta marin-uhelidda cadaaladda
Somali community Action Group-scag

SCAG - TV Drama Episode 1

Musalsalka ballaarinta marinada cadaaladda; Qeybta 1aad waxay ka hadlaysaa xadgudubyada loo geysto dumarka iyo sida aynaan dadka u fahansanayn marinada ay cadaalada u raadaansanayn #Expanadingaccesstojustice #USAID #SCAG #Pactworld #ABARoli

Soden Radio talk show

“If we were to apply for civil service jobs, we could not even climb the stairs of government offices” Disabled Somali women voice their experiences of direct disability discrimination & accessibility on SODEN’s latest talk-show to combat discrimination #ExpandingAccesstojustice #USAIDAfrica #Pactworld #ABAROLI

23 community members from Lower Shabelle Region of South West State of Somalia learn to access legal aid

23 community members from Lower Shabelle Region of South West State of Somalia learn to access legal aid

On 28 March 2020 twenty-three community members from Sabid, Anole and Afgoye districts of Lower Shabelle benefited from a training for advocacy groups on gender-sensitive advocacy and awareness-raising.


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