Stories and Highlights

ADR Land Right TV project

Topic #1 – Improving Land Records – Old land registration and new registration way forward

Topic #2 – Simplifying and Harmonizing Land Legislation (Cultural, Sharia and conventional laws)

Topic #3 – Customary law and it's strengths and weaknesses on land rights disputes resolutions

Topic #4 – Strengthening Women’s Land Rights

Topic #5 – Legal aid and Justice for land conflict victims

Topic #6 – Community land disputes paths ways – How does the community handle land disputes

Topic #7 – Sharia and land ownership rights

Topic #8 – Role of community elders and religious leaders on land dispute cases

Topic #9 – Youth and women participation in land cases

Topic #10 – Disability and land rights

Topic #11 – Somalia constitution and Land rights laws enforcement

Topic #12 – Courts operations and law enforcement  

Topic #13 –Challenges and impact of coastal land disputes

Topic #14 – Cultural beliefs and enforcement of land rights on youths and women

Topic #15 – What motivates land grabbing in Mogadishu and how does the law protect the victims

Topic #16 – Marginalized group land rights (IDPs and Minority clan)  


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