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EAJ-Supported Video Highlighting Clan Discrimination Goes Viral

EAJ’s communications company, M2A, collaborated with an EAJ partner organization, the Academy for the Development and Advancement of Minorities, or ADAM, to develop a video concerning clan-based discrimination shown through the eyes of Hinda, a woman confronting prejudice against the Gabooye community that she belongs to. The video was posted on September 9th and had been viewed by more than 384,000 people within the first 24 hours. The video, which appears on M2A’s Facebook page, also generated a significant debate on clan discrimination, receiving almost 15,000 comments, shares, and reactions thus far.  Most commentators express sympathy with the plight of Hinda's community and have called for justice for Gabooye victims of discrimination, with many also asking why this issue is still rampant. Notably the video attracted significant viewership from both Somaliland - where the largest Gabooye community is found - and Mogadishu. It is also notable that 48% of its viewership is female, which contrasts with the average M2A Facebook viewership of approximately 20% female.


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